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Bricktop Pale Ale

Our Bricktop Pale Ale is American-styled, with a rich red colour and pleasant malt taste which leaves sweet caramel and toffee flavour notes on the palate. Our Bricktop brew is a great choice for those wanting something different than the usual American pale ales or IPAs.

The name Bricktop was inspired by Ada ‘Bricktop' Smith, a famous jazz singer from the early 1920s. Ada was a regular performer at Hastings Mill back when it was in Strathcona and known as The Patricia Cafe before she went on to open her own string of nightclubs in Paris, Mexico City, and Rome.

Bricktop Pale Ale is a perfect everyday beer that pairs well with a wide range of foods. This is a great beer to introduce people to the wonders of craft beer!

FlavourMalty / Sweet / Caramel


American Pale Ale

Pale ale, also known as Pacific ale, is a diverse style of beer originating in the UK but enjoyed all across the world. It was created primarily by brewers who wanted a beer that was stronger but lighter-tasting than current English ales. Pale ale is usually associated with high carbonation and is notable for its light body, colour, and flavour.

American-styled pale ale is made by fermenting a caramel malt along with American hops.

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